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Sea Salt

About Me

People always ask me how I ended up here,

"What made you become a therapist?",

"Why Ecotherapy?", and I always seem to

have the same answer, "It's always been a

passion of mine". 

When I was 8 years old I started riding horses, falling fast and hard in love with the animal and the lifestyle.  I made my parents wake up at 7am on Sundays to drive me to the barn so that I could muck out stalls and feed the animals.  This passion grew and so did my involvement on the farm.


At age 14, I started working as a Youth Leader at The Boys and Girls Club, mainly as support for children who seemed to have a more difficult time.  I continued on with The Boys and Girls Club until I had become a Social Worker, starting my career out in Child Welfare.  I worked in the public and private sectors of Child Welfare, providing one on one services to high-risk youth.


I always felt that I had a unique way of connecting with people, being able to see outside the box and find ways to meet individual needs. As an adult, I have spent over a decade working in Mental Health, providing services across a diverse population. It has always been my dream to combine the experiences of the natural world and individual healing. 

After learning more about Ecotherapy and the healing benefits of nature, I became immersed in it.  It is not just the horses that made me happy as a child, it was the connection that was created with another being; applied to other settings, we can create genuine connections with the natural world in a way that we cannot connect with another human.  Most of us know this experience, and some of us might be ready to learn!

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