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My Experience

I began my journey in the helping field at a young age, I took to volunteering in the community in high school and gains dover 300 hours before graduation.  My work experience began at age 14 when I was offered an experience with the Thunder Bay Boys and Girls Club, creating programs for individuals and communities.  I found a passion in watching people learn their strengths and begin to thrive; this passion led to my education in Social Work.  I began working in Child Welfare prior to graduation and continued to pursue this career for years after.  Taking a break from the field to rear children and pursue a career as an Insurance broker, I realized I was denying my passion of helping and began my educational career in Psychology.  I continued to seek employment in the helping field while completing my education, doing treatment with high risk children in a private setting, and now in a crisis home for at risk woman and children.  My intentions after graduation is to pursue one-on-one treatment interventions and incorporate all the skills I have learned along the way.  

I look forward to pursuing a career as a Registered Psychotherapist and applying my experience and education. 

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